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Privacy Policy

Created on 14 August, 2023 • 678 views • 4 minutes read

Visitors of should note that we don't employ cookies nor gather any personal details. If you opt to set up an account, we request only the essentials and share this information solely with necessary services for our app to operate.

At Base Analytics, ensuring adherence to GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and other related privacy laws for both our website and web analytics tool is a priority. It's crucial to understand that the data belongs to you, not us.

This policy clarifies the nature of the data we gather, its purpose, how we manage it, and your entitlement to your data. Rest assured, selling your data is not on our agenda; it never was and never will be.

For those who've integrated the Base Analytics script into their website, we advise checking our data policy to understand the kind of data we collect about your site's visitors on your account.

As a visitor to the website

The privacy of our website visitors is important to us so we do not track any individual people. As a visitor to the website:

  • No personal information is collected
  • No information such as cookies is stored in the browser
  • No information is shared with, sent to, or sold to third parties
  • No information is shared with advertising companies
  • No information is mined and harvested for personal and behavioral trends
  • No information is monetized

We utilize the Base Analytics script to gather general usage information for statistical analysis. Our aim is to monitor broader patterns in the traffic on our site rather than focusing on individual users. The collected data is solely in summarized form without any personal details.

The type of data we accumulate encompasses sources of referrals, most visited pages, length of visits, and details from user devices such as device model, operating system, geographical location, and browser type, among other things.

As a customer and subscriber of Base Analytics

Our core belief is to gather only the essential information, ensuring its use aligns with the services you have enlisted for.

We collaborate with a few trusted third-party providers for specific services. These chosen providers uphold stringent standards in data protection, privacy, and security.

Any information we share with them is strictly related to the services they provide, and we have contractual agreements in place ensuring the confidentiality of the shared data. They are obligated to handle personal data solely based on our directives.

Here’s what that means in practice:

What we collect and what we use it for

  • To set up an account, an email address is essential. For those aiming to establish a Base Analytics account, supplying your email is mandatory. This allows for account login, and customization, and enables us to forward you vital updates, invoices, or other pertinent details.

  • A long-lasting first-party cookie is used to recognize your login status. By logging into your Base Analytics account, you're authorizing us to utilize cookies, saving you the trouble of logging in every time you return. This enhances your user experience with our product. Cookies are simply text fragments saved by your browser. You have the flexibility to modify cookie storage preferences in your browser settings. Existing cookies can be removed whenever you wish.

  • All of the data that we collect is kept fully secured, encrypted, and hosted on a server in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The server is owned by DigitalOcean, a USA company. Your site data never leaves the EU. See DigitalOcean privacy policy and GDPR information for full details.

  • The payment process is handled by a third-party payment provider. If you choose to upgrade to a Base Analytics paid plan, the billing information and the payment process are handled by Stripe. See the Stripe Privacy Policy for full details.

  • All emails are sent using a third-party email provider. Transactional emails and email reports (should you choose to subscribe to them) are sent using Acumbamail. We have disabled both open tracking and link tracking on all emails sent. See the Acumbamail Privacy Policy for full details.

  • If you reach out with a query or seek assistance, we retain that communication, including the email address. This gives us a record of previous interactions to refer to should you contact us again. We exclusively use this information to respond to the inquiries we get.

  • We use the CAPTCHA service as a means of spam protection on our account registration form. hCaptcha is a GDPR-compliant and privacy-friendly captcha. See the hCaptcha Privacy Policy for full details.

  • Base Analytics offers an optional Advanced tracking feature. This type of tracking will use local storage and random unique identifiers for each visitor to know when the user is coming back and to associate visits and other data to that particular visitor. In addition to this feature, by activating Event Tracking, mouse clicks, form submissions, resizes or scrolls can be tracked. This feature is completely optional. In the Lightweight tracking type offered by default, what is written above applies. Tracking type may differ on a website basis.

Retention of data

We'll hold onto your details for the duration your account remains active, to offer you the services, or as outlined in this policy.

Additionally, the information will be kept and used in accordance with the objectives stated in this policy and as required to meet our legal responsibilities, address conflicts, enforce our contracts, and safeguard Base Analytics's legal interests.

If you decide to terminate your Base Analytics account, you can do so whenever you wish. Upon doing so, all of your data will be instantly and irreversibly removed.

Changes and questions

This policy might undergo modifications to align with applicable laws or to incorporate new procedures. If there's a major amendment to our guidelines, we will notify our audience via our company blog or through our social media channels.

Contact us at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this privacy policy, your data, or your rights with respect to your information.