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Terms of Service

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When we say ”company”, “we”, “our”, “us”, ”service” or ”services” in this document, we are referring to Base Analytics.

When you utilize our platform, either now or later on, you're consenting to the most recent Terms of Service. This applies to all our current and upcoming products and any new features we introduce to our service. There might be occasions when we choose not to act upon or uphold a certain right or clause from the Terms of Service; this doesn't imply we're relinquishing that particular right or clause.

If these Terms of Service don't align with your preferences, please refrain from using our service. Breaching any of the stipulated terms can lead to the discontinuation of your account. This is a comprehensive declaration, implying you need to have significant faith in us. We strive to merit that confidence by being transparent in our operations and always welcoming your insights.

Account Terms

You hold the accountability for securing your account and password. Base Analytics won't bear responsibility for any detriment or harm resulting from your negligence in fulfilling this security mandate.

You bear the brunt for all actions taken under your account, inclusive of those by individuals possessing separate logins under your domain.

You cannot employ our service to undertake illicit activities or breach any regulations within your jurisdiction.

You are obligated to furnish your legitimate complete name and an authentic email address for successful registration.

You must represent a human being. Account creations via automated bots or other automated techniques are strictly forbidden.

Payment terms

For our trial offer, the duration is clearly stated upon registration. We won't request your credit card details, and, similar to our paid users, we won't trade your information. Once the trial concludes, you must settle the payment to continue accessing our service. Failing to pay will lead to your account being suspended, remaining locked until payment is made. If there's inactivity for 60 days post-suspension, your account is lined up for automatic termination.

If you transition from a trial to a subscription, billing is immediate, with your cycle commencing on the transition day.

Subscribed users undergo automatic credit card deductions based on their chosen frequency.

Allotted pageviews within the subscription should be utilized within the set duration; any leftovers by the term's end are void.

You won't face additional charges for sporadic traffic surges. We maintain transparency in costs; no hidden charges will pop up. Should your pageview consumption surpass your chosen subscription for two successive months, we'll suggest an upgrade. You then have the option to upgrade or terminate your subscription.

You possess the flexibility to either elevate or diminish your plan via account settings. Opting for a lower tier might result in reduced features or capacity; Base Analytics isn't responsible for any subsequent reductions.

Our payment mechanics are managed by Stripe, our designated payment gateway. Stripe oversees customer queries and manages refunds. All listed prices cover applicable taxes or charges, which Stripe collects and dispatches to the relevant authorities. Kindly consult Stripe's Terms for further insights.

Fees paid hereunder are non-refundable.

Cancellation and Termination

You are the only one accountable for properly terminating your account. Sending an email to request cancellation doesn't equate to actual cancellation. Guidelines on account cancellation can be found here, accompanied by a straightforward cancellation link, no questions asked.

Should you decide to terminate the service prior to the completion of your ongoing payment period, the termination becomes effective at that payment cycle's close, ensuring no further billing. Post the expiration of your paid duration, your statistical data becomes unattainable. In a span of 60 days post this, all data will be irreversibly removed from our backup systems, and retrieval becomes impossible thereafter.

You hold the discretion to obliterate your account, alongside all associated website statistics, whenever you wish. The moment you opt to erase your Base Analytics account, all your data gets irrevocably wiped out.

We retain the prerogative to halt or conclude your account and decline present or impending service utilization for any motive, whenever desired. Such cessation will culminate in the deactivation, erasure, or barring of access to your account and its associated statistics. Base Analytics holds the authority to deny its offerings to any individual at its discretion. This provision exists because, given the multitude of sites utilizing our services, there might be a handful with dubious intentions.

Engaging in oral, physical, documented, or any other form of aggression (inclusive of menacing conduct or payback) towards any service user, staff member, or executive might result in the immediate dissolution of the account.

Modifications to the service and prices

We hold the authority to adjust or halt, whether temporarily or indefinitely, any segment of our service, with the possibility of doing so without prior notification.

Occasionally, we might revise our product pricing. In such scenarios, our usual approach is to shield current customers from these alterations. Yet, there might be instances when we decide to amend the rates for our existing clientele. In such cases, we ensure a minimum 30-day advance notice, primarily through the registered email. Additionally, we might communicate these changes via our blog or directly on the impacted services.

Any alterations, pricing adjustments, interruptions, or service discontinuation by Base Analytics won't result in any liability towards you or any other entity.

Privacy and security of your data

We implement a variety of strategies to safeguard your information through data backup, data duplication, and encrypted methods. When leveraging our services for monitoring website statistics, Base Analytics accumulates details related to your site's visitors. The confidence you show in us with your website data is something we value deeply.

Both entities commit to managing each other’s information in alignment with (i) all relevant legal mandates; and (ii) appropriate privacy and security protocols, ensuring the preservation of the data's confidentiality and safety.

The ownership, in terms of rights and interests related to your website data, rests solely with you. We do not assume any ownership rights over your data. We abstain from gathering and evaluating the personal details of website users and don’t rely on behavioral insights for advertisement sales. At no point will we store or gather data that can personally identify individuals, nor will we compromise the privacy of your visitors? With Base Analytics, you possess complete authority over all your website details. We pledge never to market or distribute your data to external parties.

You pledge to abide by all relevant regulations, encompassing privacy and data protection standards.

You commit to not employing the service to forward confidential information to the organization, especially if its unauthorized exposure could lead to significant, dire, or disastrous consequences for the firm, any individual associated with the data, or third-party entities. This confidential data encompasses but isn't restricted to, credit card details, passport identifiers, official identification numbers, financial account specifics, real-time location data, and personal identification data (PID). PID refers to any data that, when used singularly, can pinpoint, contact, or accurately track an individual.

General conditions

Your engagement with Base Analytics is entirely at your discretion. The service is delivered "as it stands" and is accessible based on availability. We prioritize the consistent operation of our platform. To view our service's current operational status, check our status page.

We craft our services diligently, drawing from both our insights and the invaluable input of clients who generously provide feedback. However, it's unrealistic to expect a service that satisfies everyone universally. We cannot promise that our offerings will align perfectly with your particular needs or hopes.

Before introducing any feature, we put it through rigorous testing. Like all software solutions, ours isn't exempt from occasional glitches. We keep a record of bugs as they are reported and address the most critical ones, especially those affecting security and privacy. It's not a given that all bugs reported will be rectified, and our services aren't guaranteed to be devoid of all errors.

Support related to technical issues is available via email. While we endeavor to respond to email queries, we don't provide a guaranteed timeframe for replies.

In our capacity as individuals, we might access your data to assist with your support inquiries, as well as to oversee and protect Base Analytics, ensuring the data's integrity and the service's overall security.

To facilitate the services, we collaborate with external partners responsible for essential components like hardware, storage solutions, payment mechanisms, and other requisite technology. A comprehensive list of these subprocessors can be found here.


While our Terms touch on the subject of liability in various places, let's consolidate it here:

You acknowledge and consent that Base Analytics will not bear any responsibility, whether legal or otherwise, towards you or any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, lost revenue, special, consequential, punitive, or exemplary harm, which encompasses, but isn't restricted to, damages due to lost profits, reputation, usage, data or other non-tangible assets (even if we've been informed of potential damages of such nature), arising from: (i) your utilization or failure to use our services; (ii) expenses incurred from obtaining alternative goods or services due to any product, data, or information bought or obtained, or messages received, or deals made via our services; (iii) any unsolicited changes to your transmissions or data; (iv) any third party's actions or remarks on our platform; (v) or any issues connected to this Terms of Service or the services, be it a breach of contract, tort (including both active and passive negligence), or any other liability theory.

In simpler terms: Opting for our services is akin to placing trust in us. Should this trust not yield the desired outcomes, the responsibility is yours. We genuinely strive to be a reliable choice by meticulously overseeing our operations, making meaningful investments in security, infrastructure, and our team, and genuinely caring about our work. If you decide to use our services, we genuinely appreciate your trust.

All matters related to this agreement fall under UK law, and only UK courts will have the authority to address any issues that might emerge from or in connection with this agreement.

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